If you’re looking for a psychotherapist or counselor, it’s probably safe to guess that your own efforts to improve your quality of life haven’t gained as much traction as you’d like. So here you are. While it takes some courage to call a complete stranger to discuss your troubles, the fact that you’ve come this far suggests it’s worth the risk to you. However, it does feel vulnerable to begin. I hope that my website will help put you at ease and into action.

The unique “chemistry” between a therapist and client is at the heart of the therapeutic relationship. Your intuitive feelings are probably the most legitimate basis upon which to decide which therapist to see. To help you get a sense of me and how I work, I welcome you to contact me for an interview over the phone (no charge) and/or set up an initial in-person consultation (for a fee).

The photos on this website were taken at Magnuson Park’s Wetlands Redevelopment. Concrete that for decades had covered much of the land was removed a few years ago to create a new wetland where life is beginning to thrive. This is similar to the way psychotherapy can remove barriers and create the mental conditions for an individual to grow and thrive. That is exciting to me!